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PELs for Epilogue are very welcome. 

All things must End, and it is time for  this book to close.

Thank you for telling this story with us over the years! Our love to you all.

The People of Laramie, c. 1885

This youngun' is taking a break from his chores to check out the local scenery. He wears a mish-mosh of clothing he's won during his off-hour poker games. In particular, the chaps he wears came from one of Oxborrow's Raiders after going all in with a pair of jacks. The tophat, on the other hand, he'll proudly tell you came from his father, who took it as collateral for loaning out a hatchet during the early days after the Reckoning.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014
Gwendolyn Parker-Xiang sports her family's favorite heirloom: A jade green dress made of silk and lace. As the story goes, the Parkers and the Xiangs became good friends after the Xiangs were assigned to live in the Parker household. As a gesture of good will, the Xiangs spent two week turning their ancestor's yuanlingshan into a fancy American-style dress. The sacrifice moved the Parkers deeply, and they've stayed good Clansmen ever since.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014

Keystone is a live-action roleplaying game set in the remains of the Dakota Territory in 1885,
twenty years after a global catastrophe has forever changed the known world.

Events will begin in the Spring-Summer of 2015.
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