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PELs for Epilogue are very welcome. 

All things must End, and it is time for  this book to close.

Thank you for telling this story with us over the years! Our love to you all.

The People of New Lhasa, c. 1885

As a reward for her diligence and her devotion to her studies, a monk from the Art of the True Human Being is entrusted with a fragment from the Sanguo Yanyi, written over three hundred years ago. Only a few fragments of this historical novel, seen by many as one of the Great Classical Novels, survived the journey from the homeland. To be entrusted with this document is a great honor for this young woman, which will reflect kindly on her and her Jiating.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014
It is well known that Lhasa's Eight Immortals produce the best black powder in the continent, so other nations are willing to pay premium prices for this precious commodity. Therefore, Lhasa caravans are often the targets of bandits and raids. This merchant sports a Spanish "pistola" and "zahones", as well as the blessings of his ancestors. Trained by both Spanish caballeros and in his ancestors' fighting style, this itinerant merchant is a force to be reckoned with.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014

Keystone is a live-action roleplaying game set in the remains of the Dakota Territory in 1885,
twenty years after a global catastrophe has forever changed the known world.

Events will begin in the Spring-Summer of 2015.
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