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Keystone LARP - Event 3.2

May 31st, 2019

Event 3.2:  The Grind Show


A Midway of Misery?

by Alastair Farnsworth-Raining Sky

After less than one day of the Carnival being camped far to the west of the walls in their usual place, a significant percentage of guests had come down with some sort of malaise and weariness of the body and mind that could be attributed to no specific ill. Most went home very shortly after arriving.  The few who stuck it out quickly found themselves seeking treatment at a local clinic for a variety of complaints, none of which the doctors and nurses could seem to find a common cause for, except for attendance of the Carnival. 

In the end, the Carnival seems to have packed up its tents a bit earlier than usual for their annual visit.  Local townsperson Lily Matthews-Marino opined, “Its likely for the best.  Whether it's right or not, some folk are blamin’ them for their loved ones being unwell.  Safest for everyone to be on their way.”

(article first printed July 1887, The Laramie Tribune)

(reprinted August 1887, The Philadelphia Press)




“Disregard rumors of the demise of the Carnevale delle Ombre, for we live, we persevere, and we flourish! Welcome to our world- come within the ring of fire, where strangers are made family, and where Wishes are made real!


Outside, the world is drifting apart?

Inside the bounds of these fires, you need have no fear.

Outside, nations tear at nations?

Inside, all live in perfect harmony under our new doyenne.

Outside, monsters ravage the lands?

Inside, the only monsters are the ones you carry within.


So come in, and be a stranger no more. Come in, and leave behind the worries of the worlds beyond. Come in, and come home.”


- Andras Atychos, the Compere Beyond Compare


May 31-June 2, 2019

Ye Olde Commons

120 Northside Rd, Charlton MA 01507


Character histories now being accepted for the event from new players. Character histories must be marked as "Approved" in the system in order to register for the event. Event registration, character histories, and character updating deadline is 5/24/2019.

Registration Opens at 7pm on Tuesday, 4/30/2019.

Pre-Registration Reduced Pricing Available til 5/17.

Player Registration Open til 5/24.


May 24th, 2019 @ 11:59 PM

Player Registration is closed.