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Keystone LARP - Event 3.4

November 1st, 2019

"... to Keystone"
November 1-3, 2019

"Keystone, the town where I found the love of my life.

No not money, I’m talking about my wife!"
- Giuseppe Marinelli

 "I came to Keystone to learn, to invent. Reinvented myself. No oil in my veins, but blood in my heart."
- James Patkin

 "You know the orneriness and arbitrary stubbornness that comes after years of being ordered around by powerful idiots? That's Keystone."
- Zan Wu

Keystone is...

"... Succotash."
- Smitty

"... a salad. We remain identifiably ourselves and yet in combination we form something greater than just our dissimilar parts. Even if you pulled us all apart from how we’ve mixed together, we’d still smack of the special sauce that brought us all together."
- Justin Warrick

"... Hope. Keystone is Home."
- Rain In Her Eyes

"... discongruent paths tied together by Hope. Hope that we can do better. Hope that we will BE better. "
- Ettore de Santis

"... the place to find the missing piece of yourself. Here we find purpose, and the will to direct that purpose to greater things beyond ourselves."
- Astrid Phillips

"... where we learned to put aside our differences and prepared to give our lives in service to humanity."
- Lady Elizabeth Rose Gillingham-Spencer

"... like coming home. Family around the hearth,bickering,laughing, loving and sharing loss. Keystone is nothing without us."
- Rosemary Wu

"... the place you go looking for someone and end up finding family."
- Vincenzo Santoro

"... a place for the lost to be found, the broken to heal, and those who have never found home to belong."
- Dream Fox

"... the bridge between the way the world was and the way it will be."
- Tsiri Sahirek

"... ze future. Keystone is unburdened by ze past."
- Gerhart Gunderson


When last we left them, news had slowly filtered in from the various fronts they would be fighting on. Throughout, Keystone’s residents still seemed to feel hope, until the final field report came in from their allies: the Kee-Wakw forces were a vast and now-numbered threat. Gauging the various pieces on the War Map before them, Keystone made a bold but determined decision: to devote nearly all resources across the field to the utter destruction of the Abominations which were trying to overrun them, and to shutting down the Rift allowing their enemies to reach this world.

Championed by the benevolent (but heretofore unknown) "Concord of Nations", a wave of unification and good will between former uneasy allies seems to have swept the world; how long that can last is a question for another day, though.

For right now, Keystone musters their best efforts, and readies to enact their bold plan. If they manage to survive, then they can worry about the shape of the world that they will leave behind...

OOG Note: 

Friday night of event will take place weeks ago in the world timeline (October 1888), with the running of the Bookend MODs that folks signed up for in advance. If you were not at Event 3.3 to sign up, you MAY STILL DO SO! Just get in touch with us to let us know which one so that we can have the appropriate materials ready for you to be included. Alternately, you may choose to cast for Friday evening, but fair warning you will likely be trying to kill your friends! 

When game starts back up on Saturday morning, the date will once again be in line with the real world (Nov 2, 1888). And have no fear: if you perish Friday night on one of the bookend MODs, you will (likely) still be able to play all weekend…


Ye Olde Commons

120 Northside Rd, Charlton MA 01507

Welcome to the FINAL weekend event of Keystone, a story set in the former Dakota Territories of what remained of the American Continent.  Bucking the espoused nationalism of their home nations, our residents have decided that as a diverse and integrated group, they are a much stronger whole than the sum of their parts. In this, our last story of the campaign arc, that determination and grit will be put to the ultimate test. Can our heroes save themselves, and the world as well?

Thank you to those who have joined us over the years in the Shattered West. We look forward to seeing you one last time, and we welcome those who haven't played in a while to come back to help us see the story to its close.

- Amber, General Manager


Character histories now being accepted for the event from new players. Character histories must be marked as Approved in the system in order to register for the event.

Registration Opens at 7pm on Tuesday, 10/01/19.
Pre-Registration Reduced Pricing Available til 10/18/19.
Player Registration & Character Updating Open til 10/25/19.


October 25th, 2019 @ 11:59 PM

Player Registration is closed.